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Koh Chang Transfers

Travelling to Koh Chang? We operate regular transfers by VIP minibus between Koh Chang - Bangkok, Pattaya & Koh Samet. We also arrange transport to the Thai-Cambodian Borders and some of the popular tourist destinations in Cambodia.

We know how important it is to provide our customers with a reliable service and aim to provide a high quality transfer service for all journeys. Each of our drivers is professional, knowledgeable, and very familiar with the particular needs of travellers to Thailand.

While we can't take all the stress away from your travels, we will get you to and from your destination in the most comfortable, efficient and timely way possible.

All of our vehicles are fully serviced, air conditioned, clean and immaculately presented. You can reassured that the route for your intended journey has been well planned in advance.

A loyal following of regular customers is the result of our conscientious approach to customer satisfaction.

Koh Chang Transfers Minibus

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Shared Minibus

Approximate departure and arrival times for shared minibus transfers are shown below.

  Route Depart Arrive Depart Arrive
  Koh Chang - Bangkok Airpt 09.30 15.30 13.30 19.30
  Koh Chang - Bangkok City 09.30 16.00 13.30 20.00
  Koh Chang - Pattaya 10.30 15.00    
  Koh Chang - Samet 10.30 13.30    
  Bangkok Airpt - Koh Chang N/A N/A    
  Bangkok City - Koh Chang 07.30 14.30    
  Pattaya - Koh Chang 07.30 13.00    
  Samet - Koh Chang 10.30 14.00    


Private Transfer

Minibuses can seat up to 8 people with luggage.

Private cars & taxis can seat upto 3 people with luggage.

Due to the last ferry leaving from Trat for Koh Chang at 19.00 PM. The following times are the latest pick up times for transfers to Koh Chang.

  • Bangkok to Koh Chang is 1.00 pm.
  • Pattaya to Koh Chang is 2.30 pm
  • Ban Pae (Koh Samet) to Koh Chang is 4.00 pm
  • Trat to Koh Chang 6.00pm



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Transfer Booking

Shared Minibus Price (THB)
Koh Chang - Bangkok Airport 750
Koh Chang - Bangkok Hotel 900
Koh Chang - Bangkok City
Koh Chang - Pattaya 650
Koh Chang - Koh Samet (Ban Pae) 600




Private Minibus Price (THB)
Bangkok Airport - Koh Chang 5,000
Bangkok City - Koh Chang 5,000
Pattaya - Koh Chang 4,000
Koh Samet (Ban Pae) - Koh Chang 3,500
Trat - Koh Chang 2,500


Private Car & Taxi Transfer Price (THB)
Bangkok Airport - Koh Chang 4,500
Bangkok City - Koh Chang 4,500
Pattaya - Koh Chang 3,500
Koh Samet (Ban Pae) - Koh Chang 3,000
Trat - Koh Chang 2,000
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